It Starts With You

Connecting with others.

Think about your typical day and how many random people cross your path throughout that typical day. Perhaps you start off by walking your kids into their school. You make a quick stop at your local Starbucks before heading into the office. You ride the the elevator with two or three people from other companies in your building.


There’s lunch.

There’s at least a few different trips to the restroom.

There’s the place you go to happy hour.

There’s the tennis courts you play at on Tuesdays and Fridays.

There’s the PTA meeting.

There’s the community mailbox.

There’s the grocery line.

There’s the trip to the post office.

There’s the neighbor next door.

There’s your kid’s soccer practice (not to mention the games on Saturdays).

There’s the (insert)….

All these places have one thing in common: there is an abundance of there is plenty of chances of connecting with others, people whom you encounter each and every day.

The problem?

Most people fail to recognize the opportunities that these people represent. They ignore the chance to say, “Good morning!” or strike up a good ‘ol conversation. Instead they avoid eye contact. They keep to themselves. They bury themselves in their iPhone.

They fail to make themselves approachable. So guess what, they become unapproachable!

So here’s the deal people, it begins and ends with you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….

People cross your path in life for a very specific reason. It’s up to YOU to go find out what that reason is.

That dad that is standing on the sidelines with you watching the boys practice, why did your sons both get put on the same football team? Maybe it’s because you were destined to be great friends like my friend Phil and I became.

Why do you see the same woman in the elevator every day at the exact same time you leave for lunch? Maybe it’s because she’s just like you and desperately wants to not eat alone.

That old woman that walks her dog every evening and conveniently takes a break on your corner. Maybe you’re supposed to meet her and her dog Snookums and watch over her because her kids live 10,000 miles away and can’t.

connecting with others starts with you

Take away about connecting with others

Every single person that comes into your life has a purpose.  Some will become friends. Some will become casual acquaintances. Additionally, some may hold the keys to your next job or a brighter future.

So perhaps they need what you have, or maybe you are the person that they were destined to meet.  Do you feel comfortable robbing them of that little jewel? I should think not!  🙂

So haven’t you spent enough time avoiding eye contact with them already? Haven’t you spent enough time finding enough excuses not to say hello? Aren’t you ready to start connecting with others whom you see regularly? Haven’t you realized yet that the only way to brighten the landscape of your life story is to decorate it with a whole host of colorful and inspiring characters. In the end that’s what makes the story actually interesting ya know.

It starts with you my friend. So go on! Jump in, the waters fine.

Ripple On!!!

ICYMI: Just Be Yourself While Networking

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