If Only

“If Only…”

I had more time in the day.

I could have a body like that.

I’ve had more capital to grow my business.

I was as lucky as she is.

my parents would have sent me to a better college.

my life wasn’t so complicated.

If only statements drive me bonkers. Mostly because I’ve been guilty of using them time and time again myself.

If only sentences are what I like to call excuse statements. Self perpetuating stories we tell ourselves and others about why we haven’t been able to achieve whatever it is we’d like to achieve or have in our life. They are statements indicate that if only our situation, circumstance, life or odds were different things would be better. Like somehow if we hadn’t run into this heinous set of circumstances we’d somehow be experiencing more success, more happiness, more wealth or whatever more you want to use to fill in your particular blank with.

So how much of one’s life is consumed by “If only” comments and beliefs? More to the point, how much of your life have you lost giving into to giving up because things didn’t exactly go your way? I know I’m guilty of giving up years to this crap myself so don’t feel too bad.

But life is not perfect. Nor will it ever be. Don’t kid yourself into believing otherwise. But just because things aren’t perfect doesn’t mean you should automatically cop an excuse and give up. Don’t do that!

If only statements can become a comfortable pair of shoes to wear to explain away our failures or our lack of success. Don’t fall into that trap. Don’t let that way of thinking define who you are and what you can become.

Circumstances are a temporary state – such as not having enough money to make that quality next hire for your startup. Want to make more money to make that hire, make more sales calls, call on more opportunities, upsell your existing and loyal customers. DO SOMETHING to change those circumstances if you want to change the result. Quit making excuses.

Sounds simple right? It’s not. It takes hard work. It takes determination. And It takes a heavy dose of personal fortitude to NOT default to the excuse making of “If only I could…” and simply give up. Too many people fall victim to this and never really find out what they are made of.

So don’t be one of those people.

Something to think about.

Ripple On!!!

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