I Have My Network

As some of you might be aware, I’ve recently acquired controlling interest in a software venture that I’ve been involved in for several years. Now as top banana, I’m flying without a net. Ordinarily this is a scary position to be in but not for me.

I have my network.

Pretty early on I had to recognize my limitations and inexperience. Then learn how those defects could turn into real liabilities for this venture. Many entrepreneurs go into opportunities like this blindly, failing to recognize their immediate need for help from day one. I did not.

I have my network.

Then I made a list of all the possible “issues” regarding taking over this venture and though the list was daunting and somewhat scary, I knew that purchasing controlling interest in this company was the only way to go if it were to survive. So I needed a new direction. I needed to breathe new life into the existing model. Plus I needed to take a new entrepreneurial approach. I didn’t worry for a minute about the decision I was making.

I have my network.

From day one, I recognized that how I was going to operate, build and strengthen this organization would have to be different. It was a new chapter for the company and though this past year has not been all that smooth, I’ve survived with minimal gray hairs popping up in my hair. How?

I have my network.

I built a team of people who’ve worked with me in the past. They understand how I operate, what I expect and how to deliver. Though the product/service may be different. The working relationships we developed and perfected previously still work today. That created some level of consistency and familiarity which gave me confidence in the direction I was headed both as CEO and chief bottle washer. That only happened because of one thing.

I have my network.

Whether it was operational, technical or future state, I have managed to build a team of committed individuals who are contributing to something significant. They are here because I’ve asked them for their help. Those relationships and partnerships have created new alliances. Also I have super smart people helping me figure out how to mold, enhance, improve and ultimately grow this venture into something meaningful.

I have my network.

I reiterate those four words for a reason.

None of this would have been possible had I not taken the time to identify, develop and grow the key relationships across my network. The diversity of my network allows me to draw upon the experience and background of incredibly talented people from every angle – sales, business development, channel partner, technical development and infrastructure. When I look at the amazing group of people I’ve assembled as “my core team” I can’t help but smile.

I have my network.

More importantly….my network has me.

It makes this very scary and uncertain path of software entrepreneurship just a bit less scary and more certain. Thank God I took the time to surround myself with amazing people who are willing to help for no other reason than I asked.

I have my network. And it’s incredibly powerful.

Ripple On!!!

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  • Dan Naden

    Hey Steve,
    Congratulations on this next venture! You will do great.
    Surround yourself with people who can cover for your blindspots – smart.


  • Darrel Raynor

    Great post and consider my contacts and I in your network!

    • Steve

      Thank you Darrel. I am extremely grateful for that! What can I be doing these days to create some Ripples for you?

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