I don’t wear pants and I make no apologies for it

As some of you know, I am now running my various ventures from home.

I’d like to say that I was taking a stand for the environment and was making a conscious “Austin Hip” environmental stand decision to not drive and therefore reduce my carbon footprint. It wasn’t that. Though I suppose now that I type it like that, it’s a nice “doing my part” for the planet side benefit. I should get a t-shirt proclaiming such.

I’d like to tell you that I have one of those edgy bungalo quasi-cool homes where entrepreneurial genius bubbles with technology geeks working on the latest and greatest technology like you see in HBO’s Silicon Valley series. But that would be a big negatory my friend. I live in a typical suburban house so no frat-like codeathons happening here. My wife wouldn’t allow it. She’s a tough landlord.

So I’d like to tell you that I was foregoing the traditional office as my personal screw you to the man. But as far as I know the man doesn’t even know who I am and if he does, I am fairly certain he simply ignores me.

No, I moved home and work in my little office across from the dinning room for one predominate reason.

I don’t like wearing pants.


Now don’t freak out. I don’t make it habit of walking around in my tighty whities all day long. In fact, that would be strange.

I wear appropriate shorts. Hell I even wear shirts. On special days, like when I have to conference call with my team or something, I dress up. Golf shirt baby!

There are seriously an abundant amount of reasons that I’ve moved my “operations” to the house.

I have an awesomely killer home office. IMG_9879

I get to work with the prettiest office mate on the planet (my wife) who doesn’t mind the lack of real pants.

(No photos were allowed to be taken to illustrate said prettiest office mate)

Not to mention I have an awesome office mascot. Henry aka @TheRippleDog (he says follow him on Twitter) enjoys our impromptu walks; especially when I am taking a conference call or noodling on a problem.IMG_9835


I don’t have to waste time driving to a traditional office that sucked out all of my creativity the minute I walked in.

So I can work from my desk, which I am doing now. Or I can go to our awesome backyard and commune with the birds and geckos. Laptops are meant to be portable. Who knew?

All of these are valid reasons – not to mention (but I will – again) I can do them all without wearing real pants. Which as you probably have figured out by now, was a primary motivation behind moving my BURGEONING OPERATIONS to no need to wear pants zone of entrepreneurial bliss.

I’m in heaven not wearing pants. For example, my knees are constantly at a comfortable temperature. My creativity is at all-time high. I am not wasting needless hours in a car and can literally finish my morning workout, walk or run and immediately dive into the day ahead (sometimes without taking a shower – much to the dismay of my office mate). I can work hard and remained focused without the interruptions of a traditional office. Not to mention I can stay in constant contact with my team and I think they are grateful that they are not exposed (no pun intended) to my no pants approach to tackling the work at hand.

So what could a similar approach mean for you? Join the movement. Drop the drawers and grab your favorite pair of shorts and join me in making some entrepreneurial stuff happen!

In case you’re interested in learning more about my approach to working from home, check out the Podcast I cut about Working From Home. Here’s the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/working-from-home/id955516265?i=329776236&mt=2

Ripple On!!!



For booking agents, event coordinators, and corporations who may be thinking of hiring me to speak or train at your organization, I can assure you I will wear REAL PANTS to your event and make you very proud.

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