How Did You Start Your Day?

Too many people start each day like the last. The same old boring routine. Get up. Eat breakfast. Rush to a job that you probably can’t stand.

For what? So we can do it all over again tomorrow?

If the start of your day isn’t inspiring you about the world of possibilities waiting outside your door each and every morning then you are doing it wrong.

Life is too short. Refuse to let the routine of the ordinary define you.

Easier said than done right? I mean we have to put food on the table don’t we? The kids need to get to school on time don’t they? The boss will be super pissed if you even think about being late this morning. So it’s easier to confirm isn’t it? It’s simply better to give up and surrender to the same old same old.

All you are surrendering is your life. Think about it. You’re living your life for someone else, for someone else’s schedule, for someone else’s priorities, for someone else’s reward (i.e. paycheck).

And here’s the thing, it’s your life to surrender…or not.

I snapped this picture the other morning while on a vacation run with my wife. It’s a beautiful sunrise over the  Sandia Mountains of Albuquerque, my former hometown. I was on vacation and had every right to sleep in and take it easy every morning, but I didn’t want to. With no idea what the day held before me, we set out each morning on a long run to take in the crisp morning air and the beautiful sights and sounds of my old stomping grounds.


As I sat down and waited for the sun to rise I realized I myself am guilty of starting my day the exact way most of us do. It’s easy to say to yourself on vacation that you should really start every single day just like this one because reality in most cases is temporarily put on hold while on vacation. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, dare I say it, it shouldn’t be.

We control our lives and how we live them. If you don’t feel inspired or motivated to start every single day with wide-eyed enthusiasm maybe you need to wake up and make a change. I know I do. Life for me has become one endless routing. And lif is too short to keep doing it the same day in and day out. If I can control nothing else, I can control that. And maybe, just maybe taking control of something will give me control of everything.

Ripple On!!!

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