Go To Peeps

Something big just occurred in your life….

You learned your child has a drug problem.

You found out your CFO has been embezzling from your company.

Your spouse asked for a divorce.

You have just been notified that you are being laid off.

You need bail money at 2AM.

Whatever it is, it’s major and potentially life and career changing. 

Who would be there for you in this time of need? Who could you call no matter what the circumstances? Finally, Who would be there for you, no questions asked, in your hour of need?

I call these folks your Go To Peeps – your inner circle – your most trusted allies. 

I am sure before you read this, you haven’t given much thought about who these people might be for you. My sincere hope is you never experience any of the above scenarios (or worse) that you’d ever have to think about calling in reinforcements. But wouldn’t it be nice to know if you had to, you had someone to call. Hopefully several someones.

Too many of us are focused on broadening our networks but not necessarily strengthening them. Therefore when things do occur many of us, too many of us, have no peeps to rely on. Therein lies the problem.

Here’s your ever friendly reminder. Peeps only become peeps – reliable peeps – when you have INVESTED in the relationship. This takes time, effort and action on your part to grow those relationships into something meaningful. So, get to work.

Get to work. Peeps don’t become peeps without it.

Ripple On!!!


P.S. Here’s hoping you never have to rely on them to pull you out of a jam but perhaps be there to celebrate some of your life and career milestones, accomplishments and wins. Peeps will be there for those big things in your life too!


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