Find The Trail Your Supposed To Go Down

I took a rare afternoon off and hit the trail which got me thinking. What trails are out there waiting for me if I just slow down long enough to look for them. What about you? Are you forging your own trail or are you following a trail you think you need to go down?


Can’t see the video? Check it out at:

Ripple On!!!

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  • Patriciaann


    Thank you for taking us along with you on your bike ride and sharing this thoughtful video blog. Thank you too for being a trail blazer for the rest of us and reminding us to follow the path with heart. You are an inspiration! … and yes! those bluebonnets this year…. awesome! Patricia

  • rippleon

    Thanks for the great comment Patricia! Get out there and enjoy the trail.

  • rgatling

    A timely read for me, as I’m about to embark on a new trail.  Your trail analogy is a good one.  We can take a trail that has been created or make a new way to our destination.  Making a new way is certainly harder and may not even get to the destination.  I guess it depends on what you want–a proven path, speed, less effort or the challenge/risk of making a way where there wasn’t one.  Either approach is fine as long as we keep moving!  
    You da man!

  • rippleon

    rgatling  Thank you Roy! Can’t wait to see where your trail takes you my friend.

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