Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day. A time when we are supposed to stop, reflect, show our love and appreciation for one half of the equation that gave us life. For me Father’s Day is a special day. It’s a reminder that the older my dad gets, the more I need to remember to appreciate every single moment I have with him.

Father’s Day also comes with a little bit of guilt too.

For example, I don’t get to spend it with him. For some reason it’s been years since we’ve actually spent Father’s Day together. Guess I need to change that. My dad lives in Albuquerque and my siblings and I live elsewhere. That sort of made me sad when I thought about it yesterday, my dad being alone on the one day he’s supposed to be most celebrated.

He took himself to dinner and celebrated by himself. How strange that must feel for him. How sad it makes me feel when I actually think about it.

We chatted by phone of course and I could tell my boys especially enjoyed their conversations with him as he told them stories and asked about the latest happenings in their life. They love their Grandpa and I know he knows that. Growing boys don’t always stop and take the the time to call their grandpa though he’d love to hear from them anytime.

My dad has eclipsed the parental orbit and ascended to the gravitational pull of my best friend. Aside from my wife, he’s the only one I want to share good news with. He’s the one I look towards when I need a word of encouragement. He’s my biggest fan despite all that I put him through as a rebellious teenager and young adult. He loves me and the love I have for him is hard to put into words – so I won’t try.

If your father is still with you, remember he won’t always be. I try and remember that and commit this year to play a more active and engaged part of his life. Not that I haven’t stayed in touch with him but I could do better. I could call him a little more often, I could tell him a little more what he’s meant to me, I could tell him I love him more.

I am sure some of you might feel the same about your role in your own dad’s life.

I’ll be seeing him soon for some much needed vacation. I can’t wait. We’ll wet a line, drink some beers, swap some stories and just be together. I can’t hardly wait to get a bear hug from the big guy.

I love you dad. See you soon. Happy Father’s Day!

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