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I am often asked how I built such an amazing network of great connections, amazing resources and incredible relationships.  Though I am honored that people look at my network with somewhat envy, the building of it was actually quite easy.  In fact so much so that I don’t mind sharing my simple secret for doing it.

I contribute.  That’s it.  Nothing super surprising or special.  Well unless you consider the Ripples I create by doing it.  Well then, yes I would have to say it is pretty dang special!  For not only the people I do it for but for myself as well!

This is not me.  I have more hair.

I spend time each day actively looking at the relationships and connections I have and I pick one or two people to focus on by asking myself this question: what I can do to be of service and contribute to these individuals?  I start with that question and if I can answer it myself then I take action.  I make a phone call.  I open a door.  I offer a bit of advice.  I help them any way that I can.

Sure, some of the people I look at I haven’t a clue how to help them.  Maybe it’s been a while since we last spoke and I am not as up to date on the latest happenings going on in their life.  When I can’t answer that question you know what I do? I pick up the phone and ask!

People love to know other people care about them.  But something more significant and special happens when people know you are actively caring about them by doing something, anything to contribute to their life in some way.  Not just saying the words but by your doing something.  Putting your money, time and effort where your mouth is.  And when they see you doing it something amazing happens to your relationship with them.  It gets stronger.  It creates a bond that is unmatched by most relationships they have.

That’s how I’ve built an amazing network of people.  I contribute something every day.

See I told you it was simple.

Ripple On!!!

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