Contact High

What can a connection with someone be like, let me tell you!

“What trouble can we get into?” That was the question my friend Kevin Leahy asked me as he wrapped me in a big old bear hug as I walked in the door to the little hole in the wall beer joint he was excited to introduce me to.

Kevin a recovering lawyer turned brain training Jedi master and I were meeting to shoot the breeze and catch up. But, as is always the case, Kevin had an agenda for today’s little soirée. However, before we caught up Kevin had a surprise for me. “Allow me to introduce you to some of the fine beers I’ve recently discovered”. Suddenly a slew of sample glasses magically appeared. It was going to be a fun night I could already tell.

We drank several tasty treats and caught up on our busy lives. Though Kevin and I haven’t seen each-other in a year. It felt as if we had just seen each other yesterday. Our relationship, a friendship that had developed over several years, just felt right. No matter how long the time may have been in-between our spirited conversations, we could literally pick up where we left off and talk for hours.

Today, Kevin was excited to talk about his new brain training research and ways that we could leverage it to tap into bigger and better connections. He has always been a great supporter of my work but on this particular day was more enthusiastic than normal about the applications of his discoveries to the process of human connection. As the beers flowed and the conversation poured from us, I got a buzz not only from the vast array of mystical brews we had already consumed but from the incredible roller coaster of dialogue our two passionate souls were sharing.

You’ll know you’ve found it once you truly connect with someone. A bond that just seems to work. The stars are aligned, you both march to the beat and rhythm of the same drum and everything seems right with the world when you are together…connecting.

These types of connections don’t happen often. They must be enjoyed, they must be cherished and yes, they must be maintained. The “contact high” you get when you are around someone who inspires, motivates and supports you, like Kevin does for me, is one of life’s unique, but most honored pleasures. It’s a gift that should never be taken for granted. Protect it, nourish it and refuse to allow it to fall into the trap of just becoming just another ordinary relationship.

Easier said than done right? How do you make sure you do that even as the relationship grows and begins to age? In other words, how do you insure this relationship simply doesn’t fall into the same bucket as your other relationships?

You have to work at it to keep it fresh and new. You have to find new ways to take it to new heights to let it grow and expand. Lots of thought and good executed must take place in each interaction with this person. You can maintain momentum and growth in the relationship by having new questions to ask, new adventures to take and explore and simply by creating unique and memorable conversations each and every time that you get the chance.

The contact high is real. In my research people have told me countless stories of individuals they get a literal high from being around. People who inspire them, make them laugh, make them feel good about themselves just by being around them. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing this feeling is when you experience it and the only way I can describe it is like a circus ride you never want to get off. Yes, it’s that good.

So how many people do you have in your life that give you this kind of feeling? If you don’t have a handful of these kinds of relationships in both your personal and professional life? Then I highly recommend you find some immediately! The experience is well worth the price of admission! Perhaps you’ll be as lucky as me and find someone like Kevin. Somebody who will motivate you, inspire you and bring some much need color to your life. Oh and a few tried and true beer suggestions to boot.rev

Ripple On!!!

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