Personal Lab

Schedule a 1-hour strategy session with Steve to take a deep dive into the key connections you want to develop and grow. This immersive experience will equip you with actionable strategies and executable next steps and really take your connecting game to a whole new level.

To schedule your Personal Connection Lab session please click the link below.

Group Lab

Our public Connection Labs are a great way to interact with other individuals committed to deepening and strengthening their network. This fun, collaborative environment allows you to share best practices and learn from other committed Ripplers.

We hold these public sessions at various times in the year so click on the link below to get on our notification list for the event.

  • "Steve is one of the most creative, engaging and genuine people I know.  He's an amazing business strategist, an engaging speaker (I've hired him several times to speak for my two companies) and a master connector of people.  He's been a trusted 'go to' resource for me and he's never steered me wrong. I am truly blessed to count him as a friend and mentor."

    Kay Stroman
    Kay Stroman V.P. of Operations, Silvercar Inc.
  • "Steve is one of the most gracious and committed individuals I've ever met. He is always willing to put other people first and truly lives the example of creating positive Ripples out there in the world. Mr. Ripple is a gift to anyone lucky enough to work with him or play in his universe for a little while. Do yourself a favor and meet this man. Invite him to speak to your company or next conference!"

    Kimberlie Dykeman
    Kimberlie Dykeman Lifestyle & Performance Coach for Businessmen
  • I have known Steve for about 8 years now. I was introduced to Steve by a mutual friend when I was working on a book idea. The book idea was a dead end by my friendship with Steve was not. Steve truly lives the advice he gives others about personal connections. It really is about “How” you know someone not just that you know them.

    I have been looking for a job for quite some time. I “Know” a lot of people but very few that I call strong connections or friends. Steve has not only been willing to put his name and reputation on the line for me but he is proactively trying to help me find my next opportunity. Whenever something comes up he thinks I might be a fit for he brings my name up. If there is one thing I have learned during my recent search is that people very often are willing to say they will help but very few actually will. Steve is one of the few that will.

    Patrick Dayton
    Patrick Dayton Technology Solutions Leader
  • "Over the past 20 years, I have been fortunate to attend many Ripple events. This interactive program uses well-thought out tools and fun activities that connect people in a profound way. I have developed long-lasting relationships with many dear friends and business associates through his innovative program that allows participants to bond on a deep, personal level. I have used the techniques from his program with my clients, which led to increased sales and helped me to retain customers.

    Steve Harper embodies the true spirit of networking. It’s in his nature to seek out ways to help others succeed. He is always willing to introduce people to the right person or company, whether they are seeking advice, coaching or employment. I highly recommend his Ripple program to enhance your business and personal relationships.

    I am honored to call Steve Harper my friend. Ripple On!"

    Nancy Thomas
    Nancy Thomas Customer Experience Specialist
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