IMG_8396Every summer, my family and I head off on an adventure. Some people call it vacation but if you know my wife, you’ll undoubtedly describe our family vacation as an adventure.

We’re a driving family. We rarely fly anywhere. I suppose the driving comes from both my wife’s and my childhood memories of piling into a car headed to destinations known, and sometimes often unknown. Now as “the parentals” we are allowing history to repeat itself and we’re fine with that.

This year, we started our trip off headed in a particular direction but instead “pivoted” when faced with the prospect of more warm temperatures. Despite an already mild summer in Austin, none of us were excited to head to a place where temps were nearing 100. Sorry Grand Canyon and Arches National Park, we’ll have to catch you another time. Breckenridge was just too tempting. So after a brief visit to my dad’s in Albuquerque we headed to Colorado.

Despite months of talking up the Grand Canyon to the boys, this sudden change in vacation destination didn’t phase them a bit. When we arrived to 70’s with a cool mountain breeze welcoming us to the condo my awesome wife found online, smiles were shared all around. We had made the right call. As we walked around downtown “Breck” both boys told us “thank you” for bring them here – “they loved it.”

Hey, in the parental world, that’s called a victory!

The boys are getting older and both Kathy and I realize we have limited time with them. This makes these adventures so much more valuable to us because we know they won’t last forever. Committed to making more memories we’ve been sure to whenever and wherever they might occur.

There’s a river and some trout waiting for us. We’ll undoubtedly wet a line or two and remind some of these Colorado trout who’s boss. Taking some Brecktime is just what the doctor ordered for our family.

Ripple On!!!


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  • thom singer

    that is sooo cool that your family would pivot in such an impromptu manner. Not sure we would do that. Kudos. You are right, the time with the kids is limited…. as we are 12 months from launching the first born off to college. Have fun.

  • Steve

    Thanks Thom. It has been an adventure but we are enjoying every minute of it!

    Hope you are enjoying your summer my friend.

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