Launch Pad Monday

What if you were to start off today with the mindset that this Monday was going to be the start of the best week ever? Do you think your attitude would be at all affected? Would it be your best [...]

Will You?

Imagine the person who crossed your path today, tomorrow or perhaps next week holds the very key to your destiny. Would you miss the chance to meet that person? Would you outright ignore them? [...]

The Voices in Your Head

Introduction   Do you know that old cartoon, with an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other and their voice is whispering in your ear telling you what to do? To be good or bad. [...]

Are You In Alignment?

Alignment Alignment is one of those topics that most of us are spending very little time considering but probably should if we want to have more satisfying lives and careers. For instance, when [...]

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