Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself! Bruce my friend called me last week to play some tennis.  Bruce is better than me. I’ve been playing with another friend of mine this year and having some pretty decent [...]

Push Yourself

My alarm clock went off at 4:45AM, announcing that it was time to get my sorry butt out of bed and go to the gym and hit the treadmill. I was hurting so bad yesterday that I decided to go for a [...]

Do More Good Things

Once I had the opportunity to speak to roughly 300 association executives about the Ripple concept. I shared the Ripple could be leveraged to help them build their personal and professional [...]

Breaking Rocks

George is your typical high paced sales executive. He is a no nonsense kind of guy that likes kicking butt and taking names. He is a killer and one of the most successful sales guys at his [...]

All In

Just like the guys on TV, that play those big poker tournaments, you too will eventually reach a point where the only play is to push all the chips towards the center of the table and go ALL [...]

Be Your Own Cheerleader

Self Motivation. I was honored to learn that one of my wife’s closest friends started reading my BLOG recently. Kathy mentioned that her friend asked how I maintain such a positive outlook [...]

Launch Pad Monday

What if you were to start off today with the mindset that this Monday was going to be the start of the best week ever? Do you think your attitude would be at all affected? Would it be your best [...]

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