Are You In Alignment?


Alignment is one of those topics that most of us are spending very little time considering but probably should if we want to have more satisfying lives and careers.

For instance, when it comes to our careers, you know that place we spend 80% of our waking hours? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, am I doing work that matters to me? Is it in alignment with who I am and what I actually should be doing for a living?

The trap

I believe most of us fall into the trap; the paycheck trap. We may or may not be doing work that we find rewarding. Perhaps we’ve finally arrived at a level where we are comfortable and dependent. We’re making more money so of course we spend more. More money tricks us into buying bigger houses, nicer cars and just keep grinding. You know that advice almost any business blogger or social media turned entrepreneur sensation tells us we should be doing: Don’t stop, just keep grinding.

But what if you did stop, right here, right now?

Stop, drop and question!

Stop just for a moment and ask yourself if you truly in alignment with where you want to be at this time in your life.

  • Are you happy getting up every morning and going to wherever it is you go?
  • Do you do work that captivates and excites you?
  • Are you bringing the best parts of yourself to the work you do?
  • D0 you make the people around you personally or professionally better in any way?
  • Is the work you are doing because you want to or because you have to?
  • Are you really happy with any of it?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to bum you out about whatever career choices you’ve elected to make for yourself. However, if the questions above give you answers that don’t necessarily make you happy, perhaps it’s time to examine what does aligns in your life and what does not and start contemplating some changes.

Work Adjustment Needed?

I have several friends that are chiropractors who talk about body alignment. When any part of our body is out of alignment our entire body is forced to compensate for the weakness. This, as you can imagine, puts more wear and tear on other parts of the body until at some point the person’s overall health is compromised. One little thing throws the whole monkey-works off resulting in further injury, actual damage, disease and an overall unhealthy life experience.

One or two minor adjustments can realign the body and give a person new energy, less pain and an improved life experience.

This same approach could be made to your life and career.  If you took the time to give yourself a little adjustment and get your life back in alignment, what would be the outcome?

More things to ponder

What if you removed the negative people from your life who no longer serve you? You know, the ones who wouldn’t be there for you in a pinch if you really needed them anyway?

Is it time to take a hard look at your finances and stopped spending to the paycheck? Start saving or at least investing towards knocking down your debt so you weren’t handcuffed to your paycheck long-term?

Perhaps start with a list of the kind of work you would find rewarding and start researching career choices which better suited your actual skill sets and talents?

Maybe ask yourself what would make you happy?

I know this all sounds great but you are probably thinking in the real world you have obligations you just can’t magically change because you decide to. Who does that?

Happy people. That’s who.

Next step?

Ask yourself if you are really aligned with the life you should be living or the one you let yourself fall into.

Like Indiana Jones in Raiders of The Lost Ark, maybe it’s time you pull yourself out of the pit of snakes and start living and working a life that aligns with your true purpose.


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Steve Harper is a technology and software entrepreneur, keynote speaker, performance coach. Steve is also the author of The Ripple Effect: Maximizing the Power of Relationships for Your Life and Business. You can learn more about Steve at


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