A Resolution You Could Really Do


So as we come to the conclusion of our first month of the new year, how are you doing on the resolution front?

I’m a big flipping failure on a few of mine.

First, I intended to clean up my potty mouth. I didn’t f****ing do it.

Second of all, I intended to stop working beyond 5 or 6 o’clock at night. I was up at 3:15AM this past week…working. I was in my underwear but still, I was working.

Also, I intended to be more present for my family. I have sort of done alright on that front. I’m not asking my wife for any grades on this one for fear of what she would really say.

And don’t forget. I intended to make it to the gym every single day. That one I can report, is still on track. I am actually addicted to getting myself more physically fit and stronger. So far so good. Though admittedly I started this way before the beginning of the year but proud I’ve maintained momentum – especially on those days it sucks to get out of a perfectly warm bed to go to the gym.

So though some of my resolutions have fallen flat, I

Resolutions are a funny thing. They seem so doable in the wee hours of a new year but in the grand scheme when the newness of the commitment wears off, so does our commitment to them. That’s when we start to feel those pangs of guilt and failure. That’s when we give up and say “Screw it. There’s always next year.”

I want to give you a resolution that you could absolutely work on and likely achieve in this year. It doesn’t take a whole heck of a lot of effort but it does take a certain amount of mindfulness.

Ready for it?

Be kinder.

That’s it.

Strive to be kinder to everyone every day. Complete strangers, co-workers, colleagues, employees, the person who serves you coffee at your favorite coffee shop. the waitress, the person who cleans your office. Every person that crosses your path deserves a little of your kindness.

It’s the ultimate resolution and imagine how amazing it will feel for both you and the person you extend that kindness towards?

There’s so much value you gain in your life by doing this simple resolution. And guess what, you’ll be creating Ripples that extend out way beyond your interaction. You can and will literally change people’s attitudes and life.

All from one little but super powerful resolution that if you keep will be adding a powerful Ripple to a world that is in so need of it.

So what do you say?

Ripple On!!!


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