A Few Seconds Invested

Will Appreciate In Value

A few weeks ago I shot a friend a quick note to let her know I was thinking about her. It was nothing special, just a quick little email to say hello and offer wishes for her to have a fantastic Tuesday.

Nothing prompted me to send the note. She wasn’t waiting on any particularly big news that I was aware of. She wasn’t hoping to land a big deal or anything for her company. She wasn’t hoping to hear if her husband got that promotion at work. It was simply Tuesday. Nothing special or out of the ordinary.

That was until she received my note. For her it was just another Tuesday. Just another ordinary day among a string of ordinary days. That was until she got my email.

Suddenly Tuesday took on a whole new meaning. With just a few simple words that Tuesday was suddenly different. It was somehow momentarily improved.

Why? Not because I am some amazing influence on her life. Nor do I have some magical transformative powers so strong that when applied they automatically altered her fate in some incredible way. Though it would be cool if I could have powers like that.

No, my email had no such secret sauce. It was just a quick little note of acknowledgement served with a side of encouragement.

It was meant to bring a smile to her face. It was meant to let her know someone out there in this vast Universe was thinking about her. It was meant to a momentarily blip that hopefully created a positive Ripple for the rest of her day. That was my hope.

And guess what, it worked!

Mission accomplished.

That three seconds it took to craft the email was minuscule in terms of action but was massive in terms of the impact it made on the relationship I have with her. Though I wasn’t expecting anything by doing what I did, it’s already paid dividends. She’s introduced me to two people I didn’t know but should. One of which has led to a potential speaking opportunity worth thousands of dollars.

You be the judge, was it worth it?

Who can you invest a few seconds in today?

Ripple On!!!


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