30 Days of Meditation

The Power of Meditation.

My awesome wife bought me a Tibetan singing bowl for Christmas. She had no idea I was about to start this 30 Days of Meditation challenge but her timing could not have been be more perfect!

Have you noticed that everywhere you look, people seem to be talking about meditation these days. I think during the holidays it must have come up at least six or seven times through various news reports and/or media features. In fact, it was a message that kept repeating itself for me several times throughout 2014.

Meditation was foreign to me until a few years ago. It was something I learned about through my sister Sheri when she was battling cancer and how she was using it to heal herself both mentally and physically. Though I recognized at the time that it was something important that I should find the time to do, I didn’t. Oh I talked a good game about trying to do it, but in the end I simply didn’t make it a priority.

Until recently.

Sometimes the messages that keep showing up in our lives become hard to ignore. This past year I must have heard about meditation hundreds of times and met through various speaking opportunities of Ripple events dozens of people who brought up the subject and it’s impact on their life. When you keep getting thumped in the head enough times maybe it’s time to start paying attention.

Meditation for me has always been somewhat elusive. The stillness that people talk about and the ability to quiet the brain is something that until recently has been hard for me to fathom. You see, my brain never shuts up. It’s constantly chattering about what I need to do, this idea or that idea, or who I need to be helping. It’s incessant babble is exhausting and the older I get the more I realize that it’s doing me no favors. In fact, in a lot of ways, it’s wearing me out both physically and mentally.

So I’ve committed to find time to learn how to embrace the practice of meditation. In fact, I’ve challenged myself to find time over the next 30 days to mediate once or twice per day to see what happens. Each day I am recording thoughts and observations from each meditation in my journal and hoping to discover some things about myself while learning to explore myself from the inside out. I’m hoping to record my observations and see what kind of changes I find occurring in my life and see if there’s really something to this daily practice so many people are talking about.

There are so many great articles, books and podcasts detailing every aspect of what meditation means and what it can bring to your life. I’ve read a few blog posts, listened to some great podcasts and may even pick up a book or two to dive deeper into the practice if in fact this 30 days delivers even half of what I expect it to. So far so good, 3 days into this challenge, I’m finding myself calmer, more relaxed and despite a nasty cold, stronger physically in some odd way. I can’t wait to see what happens from this point forward. I’ll be sure to BLOG a few times about this month to let you know how it’s working out for me.

I’d love to hear from any of you who’ve experimented with meditation and what, if anything, it has done for your life. Please leave me a comment or feel free to Tweet me @rippleon to engage.

In the mean time, here are a few fantastic resources you might be interested in checking out on the subject:




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  • Maura

    Steve, the thing that has helped me more than anything to incorporate meditation into my life is the app Buddhify. I suggest you check it out. The unexpected benefit I’ve received from meditation is the ability to objectively observe my thoughts and emotions. Now, for example, I might think to myself during a conversation, “Huh. I seem to be annoyed by what’s being said. I wonder where that’s coming from?” Instead of just getting snappy or sarcastic like I found myself doing in the past. It’s powerful and has transformed my interactions. I look forward to an update at the end of your trial!

    • Steve

      Oh I am going to definitely check that out. Thank you for sharing!

  • Chris L

    “It’s incessant babble is exhausting and the older I get the more I realize that it’s doing me no favors”

    Yep. I tried it once for a bit, and was shocked at how little control I had over my thoughts and how…pointless most of my thoughts were. I was hooked.

    I still meditate and even spent 12 days at a Buddhist retreat.

    Eager to hear your results.

    • Steve

      Well nearly two full weeks in and I am amazed at the lack of stress I am feeling. I am more calm than I ever remember being. Even when I have a zillion things to do, just stopping for a little bit to let myself and my my mind just go free and unwind from the stress has been incredibly liberating. I am sure I am not even scratching the surface yet but so far so good Chris!

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