3 Steps To A Good Introduction


One of the surefire ways to build value within your network is to connect people you already admire and respect to one another. In fact connecting two great people with one another instantly gives you credibility and bolsters your own relationship with each individual. Plus it always has a funny way of Rippling back to you those Ripples you create for others.

So if you are inclined to make an introduction within your network, let’s make sure you do it right.

In fact, if you do these three very simple, but important, things you’ll make sure to maximize the introduction’s potential for success.

1. Find Good Connection Points

Find interesting or unusual connection points that you can tie the introduction together and leverage that as the starting point for the introduction. For example, both Cindy and Bob have written books and have forgone the traditional channels of publishing. One chose this path because she despised agents. The other chose this path because all the agents he approached with his book idea initially were rude and disrespectful about his chances of his book being much of a success.

You can find two powerful connection points that could make for a fun email introduction perhaps with a subject line of: Since I Know You Both Love Literary Agents followed by the similar paths they’ve each chosen to publish their books.

2. Have Substance To Avoid Wasting Anyone’s Time

Although it may be tempting to make an introduction between two interesting people you like, does the the introduction really make sense for them both?  After all time is money when it comes to business, so it’s important to consider that whomever you introduce that there’s some substantive reason for connecting them. Think about the end game when connecting two people and clearly define that when you connect them.

Mike is a talented web developer who’s done some amazing work for his limited but loyal client base. However, he’s struggling to grow his business because he and his partner aren’t very good at marketing themselves. Tanya works for an advertising agency that deals with multiple technology clients. Oftentimes she’s brought in to remake the client’s brand strategy and is often called upon to revitalize the client’s web presence. Her team has limited resources in this capacity and often relies heavily on freelances who can often be unreliable.

See the substance of connecting these two? What, in your mind, might that introduction look like?

3. Follow Up and Own The Relationship….at least initially

If you’re going to stick your neck on the line to introduce two people to one another then you should be willing to keep that neck out there just a bit longer to see it all the way through. Oftentimes I see people who think their job is done after they’ve connected two people but that isn’t entirely true. This new relationship requires a little nurturing and encouragement from the one who gave it life.

Following up is critical. Make the introduction in a joint email to both individuals. Then pick up the phone to call both parties separately to reaffirm why you have made this introduction. Leave it up to them to connect but then make sure you stay tuned in to how their initial exchange, coffee meetup or lunch meeting went. Ask for feedback from them both. Was it a good introduction? Was it a good use of their time? Then ask them what their next action is. That’s right…get a little nosey because even just asserting yourself in this manner may make sure that both parties don’t drop the ball on what could be a promising relationship thanks to you.

Give this a try this week. Find some folks from your network that you know would benefit from knowing one another and introduce them. You’ll undoubtedly create a powerful Ripple for them both and for the relationship you have with each of them individually.

Ripple On!!!


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  • BenLeDonni

    Well stated. Follow up is so critical. I always love to hear from an intro soon after I meet them. It tightens the relationship.

  • rippleon

    Thank you Ben. Apologies for originally missing this comment. Hopefully I can make some solid introductions for your this upcoming year.
    Ripple On Brother!

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