3 Ripple Strategies You Can Put To Work Today


Life is something that is full of experiences, and I feel that experiences become more valuable, memorable, and impactful when they are shared with someone else. Unfortunately, our years on this beautiful planet are limited, but you shouldn’t look at the negative side of such a relatively short life span. Instead, you should look to make the most out of the years you are granted in this life and attempt to create an impactful life through lasting relationships.

Remember, life’s experiences are best when they are shared with other people. Let’s learn some strategies that you can use to help you find and create lasting relationships with others

After consuming my blog or social content or reading my book, people often ask me, “how do you put the ripple strategies to work for you?”

The answer to that begins with you, my friend.

Putting the ripple strategies to work for you is about differentiating yourself in a way that allows people to remember you. People gain some sort of value from you because you are simply you. Whether it’s your enthusiasm, your energy, your positivity, or your approach to problem solving, that is what people truly crave.

Also, the ability to have a conversation with people and carry yourself in a manner that sucks people in and makes people show genuine interest in you, is special. Society has become very superficial and most of the conversations that are taking place are very surface level.

In this post, I’m going to offer you some strategies that you can start practicing so that you can become a more influential and impactful rippler!

Ripple Strategy #1 – Show Up as Your Authentic Self – BE YOU!

Surprisingly enough, in the age of social media, people aren’t being social. And when they are being social, it seems as if a vast majority of the conversations being had are putting down other people or not accepting others for who they truly are.

Because of this, lots of people don’t understand that they are worth anything. Let me just tell you here and now, you are good enough!

Screw the people that don’t like you for who you are and don’t support the different approaches that you take towards living your best life. After all, the life that you are currently living is yours, and yours only. No one else has control or can dictate the course of your life but you. So, stop letting the words of other people bring you down. This life is yours to live, so take advantage of it!

There are people out there that will rise up and support you for who you are. You just need to make an effort to surround yourself with those kinds of people! Once you begin to find these kinds of people, you will find the results to be very positive and impactful.

Ripple Strategy #2 – Have a Detective Mindset

As a rippler seeking connections, you must be willing to come to a conversation with an inquisitive mindset. Or as I’d like to put it, a detective mindset. You need to be willing to have conversations and ask the right questions.

For a manager or leader of a team, these questions can be as simple as:

Why are you here? What excites you? Where are you from?

When you ask these questions you show others that you are truly interested in learning more about them and ultimately, connecting with them. When you create opportunities to have authentic conversations, you will get authentic answers in return.

If you’re an executive and want to get the most out of your people, you should be curious about those working for you.

You need to make time to engage with your people.

If you would like to get the most out of them, you must be the top engager within the organization. If you set out to be the top engager, your people will be more inclined to not let you down and do the best work that they can because their leader has made them feel valuable by setting out to connect with them.

When you set out to have conversations, you will win the hearts and minds of your people over.

Ripple Strategy #3 – Reveal and Leverage Connection Points

Something that I strongly believe to be essential and important to any relationship is connection points. Some of your that are reading may be unfamiliar with the term connection points, so allow me to explain.

In my eyes, connection points are the bite-sized morsels of information you learn about someone. Perhaps where they are from, a hobby or how committed they are to their family. These unique qualities about someone stand out and make them how they are in your heart and your mind. Leveraging connection points can quickly connect you and bond you to other people in a way that much more powerful than job title, profession or other surface facts about someone.

For example, using these little nuggets makes your relationship more memorable leveraging these items to continue your conversations with them can contribute to your relationship in a very positive manner. Things that only you and the other person can relate to which immediately creates a sense of uniqueness in your relationship hopefully for both of you.

Connection points can be something as simple as having a similar childhood experience, being from the same state or city, liking the same sports team, having a distinct interest in a hobby like mountain biking or underwater basket weaving (I made that last one up).

You get the point.

As you can see, I believe strongly in connection points and how powerful they can be to anchor new connections and built sustainable longer-term relationships with the people already know but want to know better.

It’s not just about learning things about other people. It’s about creating strong inroads and leveraging connection points to establish a deeper, more meaningful relationship with another human being. It’s about creating that Ripple.

Get good at taking notes, capturing information and finding opportunities to reengage people. It tells people that you want them in your life personally or professionally and it shows that that you have genuine interest in their life.


Put These Strategies to Work!

Using these strategies will help you find a way to make an impact on other people in a positive way –– big or small. It will also develop you into someone unique and worth paying attention to.

I would love to hear how these strategies work for you.

These strategies certainly have been essential to my personal and professional brand. I continue to use these strategies on a consistent basis because I have found them to be beneficial and worth using!


Ripple On!!!


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